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What is Solid Surface?

The heart of solid surface is that bundle of properties that make it a unique product - its performance characteristics. Some performance characteristics that all solid surfaces share are:

  1. It's solid. The sheet or shape must be "homogeneous" - that is, the color or pattern must be consistent throughout every part. This makes it very unlike gel-coated products such as cultured marble, or laminated products such as plywood or plastic laminate. It also makes it a little bit like wood, but without knots or grain.
  2. It's machinable. Solid surfaces are machinable with most woodworking tools. It can be drilled, routed, sanded and cut.
  3. It's hard. There is a range here, but it is not clearly defined. Suffice it to say, solid surface is harder than wood, not as hard as steel.
  4. It's non-porous. Speaking chemically and technically, nothing is 100% non-porous. But solid surface is very close. It is unaffected by water and changes in humidity, and is bacteria resistant.
  5. It's stain and chemical-resistant. Most household staining agents and chemicals, and even some industrial chemicals, will not damage it. Polyester resin is more chemical resistant than acrylic alternatives.
  6. It's fire resistant. There are grey areas here: because Kymira can be modified to suit specific requirements, fire-resistance can vary with those alterations. But generally most solid surfaces are fire-resistant or fire-retardant.
  7. It's repairable. Because Kymira is made in its liquid state here in Christchurch, even large damages can be repaired virtually invisibly.
  8. It endures. This is reflected by all these multi-year consumer warranties. Solid surface, unless mistreated, should remain unchanged for a very long time.
  9. It is aesthetically pleasing and warm to the touch. It has beauty, a look and a "feel." It is a decorative surface, made to be seen and touched.

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